CVIRO & GXNXVS Bring 90s R&B Mojo With “Twisted”

Smoothly burning R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Australian R&B duo CVIRO & GNXVS (pronounced as ‘cairo’ and ‘genius’) bring the smoothly burning charm of 90s era in their new single “Twited.” It has the old school air of soul and a rico-y-suave kind of vibe to it that makes it an immediate seductive anthem for the dancefloor. Stream below:

“‘Twisted’ is the second single from our forthcoming EP Now You Know. The sound is influenced by the era where artists like Jodeci, H-town and 112 wrote heartfelt songs about women. We want to bring R&B back to the forefront of music and just make Puffy proud.” shared the duo.

CVIRO (vocalist) and GXNXVS (producer) have released few independent records in the past and became a viral sensation with their single “Sober” which has gone to Spotify’s Weekly Global Viral Charts, received various radio spins, and has broken 5.5 million streams. The duo will be releasing more music in the upcoming months.