Joe Ghost’s EP ‘Begin Again’ Is A Cohesive Dance Of Love & Self Search

Electrifying mix of 90s rock, hip-hop, and pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Unfolded PR

Canadian artist Joe Ghost takes us into a cohesive trip to self-search and love in his new EP Begin Again, a dance record that flirts with elements of 90s rock, hip-hop, and pop. With swelling rhythmic pulse and cataracts of synths, Ghost channels his emotions into sonic bodies that uncoil with each rhythmic wave. Featuring various guest artists, Begin Again tells the story of Ghost finding renewal through his own beliefs and love:

“I approached the EP making process as not just creating individual tracks, but as making the EP as a whole,” explained Ghost, “so each track journeys into one another and life stories and experiences can be told by them.”

Known for his 2013 hit track with Hardwell, “Are You Ready,” Ghost has produced various sensational tracks in the EDM scene and released his works on labels such as Dim Mak. Begin Again showcases a more organic sound from Ghost who has progressed from the EDM scene in the past few years. You can catch him live next month:

6/23 – Escapade Music Festival (Ottawa, Canada)