Lo Lo’s “Yours” Is What Happens When You Get Dumped On April Fools Day

And after living on a Ben and Jerry’s diet.

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

The weirdest and most inconvenient day to get dumped in a year is April Fools Day. A lot of people think it’s Valentine’s Day or your birthday, but it’s actually April Fools. Think about it – when you tell the story to people, their immediate reaction would be “are you sure it wasn’t a joke?” rather than the instant sympathy hug. Toronto-based poptress Lo Lo is someone who ALMOST had to live with that. But to prove that she wasn’t joking, she wrote a catchy pop banger “Yours” – a byproduct of an ugly breakup and solid Ben and Jerry’s diet. On top of the emotional burden, Lo Lo addresses the adjustments of the aftermath that one has to deal with which is too much work. If you want an upbeat groove kick that will help you sashay away your ex, “Yours” is just for you:

“Yours” is available now in all streaming platforms.