Oliver Hazard’s “Illinois” Is For Recovering Emotional Addicts

Indie folk

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Rising indie folk trio Oliver Hazard encapsulates us into that moment of emotional hangover we experience in the aftermath of a breakup in their new single “Illinois.” But we are not talking about a basic breakup, but one where you were invested in someone like an addiction. Pulling our emotional strings with guitars and tense silence, “Illinois” boxes you into that quiet solo reflection where you’re trying to find peace with your own heartache:

In regard to the track, Oliver Hazard shared, “This song is loosely based on a weekend that we had spent together in Chicago.. we left the state with less than we came with. The song was written about an emotional addiction, a lost love that can begin to take over your everyday life. No matter where you look, that person is embodied, and at the end of the day, all you’re left with is a cigarette and her on your mind.”

“Illinois” is from the trio’s upcoming debut album 34 N. River, which will be out on June 15. Comprised of Mike Belazis, Griffin McClulloch, and Devin East, Oliver Hazard are old friends who have been playing music together in Ohio. 34 N. River came together when they won a Facebook raffle to record a single song at a studio, but somehow the trio managed to hustle and get a whole album out of the studio.

The three of them will start touring in May, so see them in person:

5/18 – Bluegrass in the Bottom (Kansas City, MO, USA)

5/19 – Raccoon Motel (Davenport, IA, USA)

5/24 – Otus Supply (Ferndale, MI, USA)

5/25 – Mac’s Bar (Lansing, MI, USA)

5/26 – Bell’s Eccentric Café (Kalamazoo, MI, USA)

6/7 – Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN, USA)

6/17 – Mountain Jam (Hunter, NY, USA)

6/29 – Civic Music Hall (Toledo, OH, USA)