The RPMs’ “Let Things Happen” Will Make You Go With The Flow

“Pick up and start again”

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

UK quintet The RPMs reminds us to stay grounded and go with the flow in their new single “Let Things Happen.” It’s an ambient synthrock piece that takes us into an ambient rollercoster where the spiking percussions and suspenseful interludes capture the mantric gist of the title. If you need a reminder that you need to just roll with life like toilette paper (cus it can get shitty sometimes), this is your melodic memo:

Singer Jack Valero explained “It’s written about how sometimes in life you just have to sit back and go with the flow and is very much based on where we are as a band right now. You face many difficult obstacles in life especially when you’re in a band and it’s all about how you overcome them and carry on, just like it says in the chorus ‘Pick up and start again’. It’s a positive message to not allow yourself to be defeated and also to remember sometimes to let go and live in the moment instead of trying to control it.”

The RPMs is currently on tour and will be playing at various festivals in the upcoming months:

5/3 – Lincoln Engine Shed (Lincoln, UK)

5/5 – Live at Leeds (Leeds, UK)

5/6 – Liverpool Sound city (Liverpool, UK)

5/12 – Roundhouse (London, UK)

5/14 – Roundhouse (London, UK)

5/19 – Brighton Shortts Bar (Brighton, UK)

5/26 – Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering (Walton-On-Trent, UK)

6/22 – Isle Of Wight Festival (Newport, UK)

7/22 – Stockport Blackthorn Fest (Stockport, UK)

8/3 – LeeFest Neverworld (London, UK)

8/4 – LeeFest Neverworld (London, UK)

8/10 – Green Meadows Festival (Peterborough, UK)

8/12 – Boardmasters (Newquay, UK)

8/26 – Warwickshire Camper Calling (Warwickshire, UK)