Alex Alex’ “Something Else” Is Visceral Waltz With Heartache

Dark, glacial pop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

British artist Alex Alex takes us into a Capoeria waltz with hearbreak in his debut single “Something Else” where we see dancer Nelson Holtz showcase a stunning choreography in the coast of Island of Jersey. “Something Else” captures the gut-wrenching pain of a breakup in a mystic and intricate ambience. Using minimalistic soundscape filled with cathartic hooks and shimmering chords, Alex Alex sends you chills through your veins with his glacial vocals. Watch below:

Todd MacDonald is the mastermind behind Alex Alex, who is also a filmmaker. Drawing influences from artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Ry X, and Sohn, Todd exudes his knack for intricate details both cinematically and sonically – you can tell from the video, which he also directed. “Something Else” is out now in all streaming platforms.

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