GRDNS Shoots Us With Dreamy Rock Single “Roulette Love Gun”

Nothing but love here

Photo: GRDNS Facebook

UK trio GRDNS showcases us their arsenal of dream rock in their new single “Roulette Love Gun” – a synthgasmic, magical (yes, magical) piece that takes you swirling into the ethereal side psychedelia and alternative waters. Within first few seconds, the song hits you right into your emotional pressure points. The multi-layered choruses have a hypnotic feel to it that sucks you deeper into the melodic vortex of the song where GRDNS touch upon the fun and emotional dangers of love:

“Roulette Love Gun” is from their upcoming EP, which will be out this summer. They have shows coming up:

5/5 – Live At Leeds Festival (Leeds, UK)

5/19 – Gold Sounds Festival (Leeds, UK)

6/3 – Oporto (Leeds, UK)