Stine Bramsen’s “Can’t Get Over You” Is Banger For Banned Lovers

It’s complicated

Photo: Ditte Capion

Danish poptress Stine Bramsen tangles our emotional strings with her new banger “Can’t Get Over You” where she waltzes us into the heavyhearted mess of a star-crossed relationship. “Can’t Get Over You” is a colossal song that soars with chords and synths where Stine’s brazen vocals drift over the celestial atmosphere. Taking us from silent tension to densely coated peaks, the track washes you with wild doses of chaos, doomed love and hooks:

“‘Can’t Get Over You’ is about dating your brother’s best friend – and exactly how complicated that might be. It’s the fight between physical attraction and your own true feelings and how it too often gets tangled up when all you needed was to give love a chance.” shared Stine.

The single is from Stine’s upcoming EP, which will be out in June. Keep up with the gal on Facebook and Instagram.