PREP’s EP ‘Cold Fire’ Is Where Funk, Classic & R&B Meet

Reigniting the classical with modern flames

Photo: Courtesy of Partisan PR

UK quartet PREP has unveiled their latest EP Cold Fire, a timeless record where elements of funk, classic, and R&B live in harmonious symbiosis. The EP features guest vocals of South Korean artist DEAN and Portland singer Reva DeVito. Stream below:

Comprised of classically-trained keyboardist Llywelyn Ap Myrddin, house producer/drummer Guillaume Jambei, frontman Tom Havelock, and Grammy nominee Dan Radclyffe. PREP hybridizes multiple genres and influences in their sound without constraint. The quartet will start their Asia tour this month, so make sure to see them in person:

5/20 – Seoul Jazz Festival (Seoul, South Korea)

5/22 – The Wall Live House Gong-Guan (Taipei, Taiwan)

5/23 – TTN Livehouse (Hong Kong, China)

5/24 – Unit (Tokyo, Japan)