10 O’Clock Chemical Party With Aliens In New Psychotropic Video “We Are Digital”

Gritpop for aliens

Photo: 10 0’Clock Chemical – We Are Digital YouTube

UK quartet 10 O’Clock Chemical has unveiled their psychotropic video for their gritpop single “We Are Digital” where we see the quintet performing at an underground club filled with aliens. The track is a criticism of social media and how it has made us far more isolated than connected. Co-directed by Will Hutchinson and band member Rhys Oakes, “We Are Digital” showcases a dark and metaphorical dehumanization that technology is causing:

“The video is a bit naughty I’ll admit. But I think aliens using recreational flying saucer drugs is the perfect metaphor for people who don’t really live in the real world, hungry for a social buzz from a completely fictitious source! I love the fact our friends and families are behind the masks and that the whole thing was organic, because metaphors aside, it was literally just a mad sesh and an excuse to dress up.” shared 10 O’Clock Chemical.

“We Are Digital” is from the band’s upcoming EP, which will be out this June via the group’s own label GRITPOP. Make sure to see them incarnate:

6/15 – Night and Day (Manchester, UK)

6/22 – The Underground (Stoke on Trent, UK)

6/27 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)