Kingdom Blue’s “Always Want You” Is An Electronic Symphony

It’s an electro orchestra

Photo: Courtesy of Newbeat Agency

Danish trio Kingdom Blue have debuted their single “Always Want You” where he restores our hope for life by reminding us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. With expansive ambience and majestic synths that splash over you like a refreshing wave, “Always Want You” sends chills down your spine from start to finish:

“There’s so much darkness in the world and people often tend to forget the beauty and joy. ‘Always Want You’ is about being together with the ones you love, living in the moment and enjoying every step along the road” shared Kingdom Blue.

Kingdom Blue project came into life in early 2018 as a way for founder Lass P to deal with the loss of grandfather, who initially taught him music. “I wanted to create something uplifting and beautiful, so that I could get out of the dark place I found myself in. My grandfather always told me to focus on the melody and to make something that would touch people. As time went, it started working and the days became brighter.“ shared Lass.

Kingdom Blue already has some shows booked for 2018 and will be hitting the road soon.