Sara Diamond Reclaims Her Creative Power In New Single “Fool”

R&B pop

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Canadian artist Sara Diamond reclaims her creative power in her new R&B single “Fool” where she immediately hooks our ADD to the kooky smooth melody. Exuding a chill smokiness, “Fool” lets Sara’s crystal-cutting vocals be the driving force of the track where she flexes her creative prowess – both through words and beats. Produced by Brody Gillman, “Fool” is a track of rediscovering and reclaiming one’s power over him/herself:

“It’s easy to feel like a fool when we give other people the power to control how we feel. No one can take away my happiness except my own ego. This song is about taking my power back and becoming the woman I know I can be.” shared Sara Diamond

Sara was discovered at an early age and sold millions of records during her child star days. After becoming disheartened from the lack of creative freedom, Sara decided to focus on writing and releasing her own music. Last year, her singles got playlisted by Spotify’s Viral charts both in US and Canada. The gal is planning to release more original materials soon, so stay tuned.