The Paper Kites Explore The Different Routes People Take On Their Way Home

“On The Train Ride Home”

Photo: The Paper Kites – On The Train Ride Home (Official Music Video) YouTube

Aussie quintet The Paper Kites give us a glimpse into the different routes that people take on their way home in their new single “On The Train Ride Home.” Directed by Drew Wilson, the video is an intimate close-up of the longing and exhaustion all strangers share on their way back. “We’re like elevators filled up with strangers / No sound, no hallelujah’s.” It’s a heartwarming single that shows the unofficial contract of silence and isolation people sign up when riding the train on the way back. Watch below:

The track is from the quintet’s latest album with the same title, On The Train Ride Home, which came out on April 18 and is available now in all platforms: