Aaron Taos Gets Dumped Into The Ocean By His Femme Fatale In “Venom”

“That girl is venom”

Photo: Aaron Taos – Venom YouTube

Aaron Taos’ new video “Venom” has the cinematic visuals of a stunning high-end cologne commercial, but the plot of a romantic parody. Instead of living la vida on the boat, he’s literally losing la vida as he gets dumped into the ocean by a purple femme fatale. Built on a magnetic groove of classy instruments and synths, “Venom” radiates the classy poisonous presence of a destructive love that we blindingly fall for – often voluntarily. No fishes were harmed:

Directed by the Tanaka Bros (who also directed Aaron’s previous videos “ILL,” “These Days,” and “Hands”), “Venom” was shot during a July 4th weekend in the Long Island Sound. “On screen, “Venom”, played by my girlfriend Kaety, has taken me as hostage and is in the process of dropping me off to sleep with the fishes. We really wanted to play her character up with the costume, setting, and being surrounded by ski-masked goons. She had never acted before on screen but she killed it! I’m really proud of her. Although the shoot was fun, I spent two days tied up getting kicked around on a boat in the hot sun, so I’m glad its over.” shared Aaron.

“Venom” is from Aaron’s upcoming EP Night Thoughts, which will be out soon. If you wanna know when exactly, ask him in person:

5/15 – C’mon Everybody (Brooklyn, NY, US)