ALYA Takes Us Into A Dystopian Animal Kingdom In “Animals”

Where humans are at the bottom

Photo: LYA – “Animals” (Official Music Video) YouTube

Los Angeles-based artist ALYA transports us into a world where mankind crawls at the bottom of animal kingdom in her new video “Animals.” It’s a surreal film where we see humans garnishing like animal trophies on the walls, living in cages, and locked inside a fish tank. Visually haunting, “Animals” is cinematically spellbinding where its nightmarish beauty is found in the shocking depiction of how weak and majestically decorative our own species can be:

Coiling classy strings around the arrhythmic indietronic anchor, ALYA builds a feast of cacophonous harmony that feels like it was built on shards of jazz, pop, and experimental. There’s a slightly gothic air to it where the slithery vocals of ALYA exude an ominous air that sends chills and frissons through your skin. “Animals” is overall a midtempo song, yet the subtle eeriness and smoky atmosphere makes it a dense track that hypnotizes you within seconds.

Alya Michaelson is the mastermind behind ALYA who is originally from Russia. Growing up, she attended music school and went on to pursue a career in journalism. While being a journalist, ALYA also wrote songs in Japan by fusing traditional Japanese sounds with modern ones. Although ALYA had a successful career in journalism, she decided to go after music full time in 2014 and moved to Los Angeles where she started working with producer David J Holman. Alya is currently working on her debut album, one in English and the other one in Japanese. Make sure to keep up with the gal on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

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