Master The Art Of Letting Go With Wildhart’s “New Beginning”

Bittersweet pop

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

If you think about it, your life runs on a constant cycle of hoarding and decluttering. Swedish duo Wildhart illustrates the gut-wrenching, yet alleviating process of letting go of things that hold us back in their new video “New Beginning.” Built on a scattered body of synths and breathy choruses, “New Beginning” is a moodily uplifting melody that walks us through the freeing sensation of shedding old things. Directed by Julia Thelin, “New Beignning” was shot in Stockholm last December – shoutout to everyone who endured the snow:

“‘New Beginning’ is about the moment when you’re about to let go of something that’s been dragging you down for a long time” the band explained. “There is a sense of sadness through the song but, there’s also a feeling of peacefulness and joy.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming new EP Caught In A Fisheye, which is the follow up of their 2016 debut album Shine. Expect to hear more from Wildhart in the upcoming months.