Lydmor Shows Us The Reality Vs. Expectations Of Daydreaming In “Killing Time”

It looks awesome in your head, but not so much from the outside…

Photo: Lydmor: 三 Killing Time YouTube

Danish artist Lydmor flexes her muscles and our imagination in her new video “Killing Time” where we see the art of daydreaming from both the internal and external perspectives. In your head, daydreaming is pure radness where you can be in a free, pink pastel space showcasing your latest dance mojo. But in reality, you kinda look lost. The song is an arrhythmic pop banger where Lydmor’s mesmeric voice floats over the bouncy soundscape. Directed and edited by Lydmor, “Killing Time” give us a glimpse into Lydmor’s time in Shanghai as well as her imagination:

“When I was a child I always spent a lot of time daydreaming. I would look at the trees in my garden and imagine them to be dragons or mountains or space ships. In many ways killing time is a song about the mixture between reality and the imagined. Technology and real life. I wanted to catch that feeling, and show the view of the observer…as well as the observed” shared Lydmor.

The gal is currently on tour:

5/11 – SPOT Festival (Arhus, Denmark)

5/12 – SPOT Festival (Arhus, Denmark)

5/17 – The Great Escape (Brighton, UK)

6/1 – Vest Rock (Hulst, Netherlands)

6/8 – Stereoleto Festival (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

11/16 – Vega (Vesterbro, Denmark)