JAMS The Flava Child’s “Ring Ring” Is Romeo & Juliet Told Through An iPhone

4am love song

Photo: JAMS The Flava Child Facebook

Chicago-based artist JAMS The Flava Child captures the mobile chemistry of modern day Romeo & Juliet in his new track “Ring Ring.” Spinning funk and hip-hop genres into a ringing jam, JAMS (no pun intended) gives us a firing piece that radiates the fireworks and vibrations that come with when we drunk-dial someone we long for – it’s scary yet thrilling. You’re blindingly throwing the fate of your romance into the hands of your remaining data, which by the way, is running out:

“Leading single “Ring Ring” is what some might call a modern day love story. It’s kind of like Romeo and Juliet, if Romeo was coming back from the club at 4 A.M. and Juliet had her iPhone on “do not disturb” while at home watching reruns of “The Office” in her apartment on the west side. Everyone wants that annoying phone call, even if they say they don’t. It’s cute and endearing, even if it’s messy and dirty.” shared JAMS.

“Ring Ring” is from JAMS’ upcoming EP The Appetizer, which was produced by the Bosnian-born artist Nedo. No release dates have een confirmed yet.