Pacific’s “Should Have Known” Is For Everyone Who Has Intentionally Stepped Into Doom

Alternative rock

Photo: Courtesy of Burstimo PR

If you ever been trapped into a shouldda situation instead of toldya situation, then Pacific’s “Should Have Known” is your melodic emotional support. Built on layers of strings and synths accentuated with rock elements, “Should Have Known” is kooky indie track that is a refreshing energetic rush. Stream below:

Originally from Cheshire, Pacific is comprised of brothers Anthony Orzel (vocals, piano) and Daniel Orzel (synths, bass, backing vocals), Dave Bithell (guitar) and Drew Burns (drums, percussions). Pacific gained critical acclaim with their debut EP What Are You Waiting For, which included their single “Time To Forget” that made waves across radio stations. Pacific has also played at half time at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium and shared stages with the likes of Razorlight and The Hoosiers. Speaking of shows, the quartet has shows coming up:

5/27 – Oulton Park (Cheshire, UK)

6/16 – Crystal Palace Festival (London, UK)

7/29 – Wells Carnival (Norfolk, UK)

8/25 – Goose Green Festival (Altrincham, UK)

8/26 – Below the Bridge (Manchester, UK)