Alayna’s “Sweet Soul” Is Chill Pill For Your Anxiety

Silvery R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Aussie songstress Alayna takes our daily battles with anxiety and channels it in her soothing single “Sweet Soul” where she drops us the memo that we just need to chill in the moment. Built on her lush vocals and slithery beats that glide through your ears, “Sweet Soul” is a silvery R&B piece that welcomes the serenity of overcoming your inner struggles:

“Sweet soul was a song that kind of came out of nowhere” explained Alayna, “I was getting way too anxious about the future, about what my purpose is, who I really am. And I just needed to forget it all for a bit and for someone to tell me it’s going to be okay. I wanted to try and remember where my younger self’s headspace was, where nothing was too big to overcome and that anything can be fixed. I found that I can find that sweetness in people too, a few moments in my life I’ve just needed to sit with someone and talk until we drift off somewhere else. Sometimes you just want to hear something good.”

Originally from New Zealand, Alayna is currently based in New York and has already amassed 7 million Spotify streams with her work. She is currently working on new music.