Melody’s Echo Chamber Summed Up Her Personal Life Madness In “Desert Horse”

The pains of growing up

Photo: Diane Sagnier

French artist Melody’s Echo Chamber summarizes all of the baggage and storm that come with being a somewhat responsible adult in her neo-psychedelia single “Desert Horse.” It’s screechy and soft where Melody’s vocals capture the franticness that we experience in the process of aging. Shifting between an acoustic and haunting soundscapes, “Desert Horse” is a depiction of the vast loneliness yet claustrophobic chaos we go all go through as we ‘mature’:

In regards to the track Melody shared, “It’s the most sculptural and mad I guess. It embodies my difficult life journey these last few years through my own personal desert of heartaches, thirst, mirages, moving sands, disillusionment and of becoming an adult woman in a mad world. It’s a little punk to me somehow.”

“Desert Horse” is Melody’s upcoming new album, Bon Voyage, which will be out on June 15th and features special guests including Gustav Esjtes and Johan Holmegaard (both from Dungen) and Nicholas Allbrook (Pond). The album will feature songs in multiple languages including French, English, and Swedish.