Nedelle Torrisi Is An Italian Celebrity & Peasant In “Rich Kids World”

It’s a rich kids world after all

Photo: Nedelle Torrisi – Rich Kids World YouTube

Nedelle Torrisi plays the role of an Italian celebrity and peasant in her new video “Rich Kids World” – a darkly humorous video that captures the aesthetics of classy Italian cinema and the tragic world we live in today. Catchy and cleverly upbeat for its distressing truth, “Rich Kids World” is an elegant mockery of our materialistic world:

“The sarcastic lyrics are about how the world is made for rich people, so I play both an Italian movie star and an Italian peasant in the video. It’s an homage to my Sicilian heritage, as my grandparents came to the states the year before the Great Depression and built a life during that difficult time.” explained Nedelle.

“Rich Kids World” is from Nedelle’s upcoming album Only For You, which will be out on May 18. She will also be hosting a record release party tomorrow at The Freehand Hotel. Go see her live if you happen to be in LA:

5/17 – The Freehand Hotel (Los Angeles, CA, USA)