Yoshi Flower Wrestles With The Withdrawal Symptoms Of Molly & Love In “Woke”

Emotional & chemical hangover

Photo: Courtesy of Yoshi Flower

“Last night we were spinning around / With your arms around my neck / Molly in our mouths” chants Yoshi Flower in his latest single “Woke.” It’s a ‘trip hop’ piece, but the song also draws influences of pop and hip-hop where the pounding rhythmic pulse takes you up and down the emotional rollercoaster of a messy relationship. The opening lines suspends you immediately into the highest point of glory – where you’re flying on top of the world with molly and love. Alleviating the hollow hangover that comes afterwards, “Woke” is a song of longing for that peaking feeling we often find from external sources – drugs and people. Stream below:

“Woke” will be available on all major streaming platforms this Friday, May 18th. In the past few months, Yoshi has been making waves across radio stations, Billboard, and many other outlets. He is currently finishing his debut record and is currently on tour: