Isador Rewinds Back To Life In “Jungle”

The magic of rew button

Photo: Isador – Jungle YouTube

Let’s face it – we all fallen into situations where we could just press a magic ‘Rew’ button that would help us undo all the events that lead to some shitty point. Queens-based artist Isador lets us vicariously indulge into that dream with a sci-fi twist in his new video “Jungle” where we see Isador going backwards to the events, which eventually caused his death. The video is a metaphorical depiction of Isador navigating through his creative endeavor and the traps that come with pursuing such industry. Watch below:

“For this video we tried to build a kind of sci-fi world to capture the conflicted feelings that inspired the song. It’s about the paradoxical crossroads that the music industry (and by extension every industry) puts you in: you have to avoid the machinery that tries to exploit you you and your passion, but also have to work with it enough to survive. To highlight the cyclical, difficult-to-escape nature of it, we shot most of the video in reverse.”

Isador is the solo project of multi-talented artist Warren Heller, who is also an avid pursuer oof film, photography, and design. He will be playing a show in New York next month, so make sure to see him in person:

6/6 – PIANOS (New York, NY, USA)