Dana And The Wolf Cuts Through Passive Aggressive Romance In “Lie To Me”

Theatrical pop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA duo Dana and the Wolf depicts the silent tension and boiling frustrations that comes with having a passive aggressive romantic partner in their new single “Lie To Me.” It’s a theatrical pop piece that showcases a dramatic rhythmic flair and neck-breaking choruses, yielding a melodic catharsis. Stream below:

“This is one of the first songs we wrote for this project. It’s evolved so much over time and is a hodgepodge of hip-hop and theater. I wish we could make every love-gone-wrong song this epic, but it would probably exhaust people.” shared the duo. “It’s about the frustration that comes with having a partner who withholds their feelings and treats their relationship with passivity.”

Comprised of Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf, the duo is planning to release more new music in the upcoming months. Keep them under your radar.