Kevin George Turns The Apathy Switch On With “La Di Da”

When what-if scenarios become true

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

“What if I said I didn’t want your love?” chants Kevin George in his new single “La Di Da” where the buoyant dreamy beats and chest-swelling atmosphere playfully capture the emotional detachment towards a dead-end love. Like it’s title, “La Di Da” is an exquisite song that dances in your tongue and ears while Kevin’s soft vocals roll out the final farewell words to a dragging relationship that has reached its limit. The video, directed by David Velazquez, depicts Kevin sharing an intimate moment with a girl on a rooftop. Watch the video below:

“La Di Da” is the follow up of the 20-year-old’s debut record, LOVELAND, which came out back in April 6th of this year. You can stream the record below: