Meg Myers Escapes From Prison Of Perceptions In “Numb”

“Tell me how to write this, tell me how to fight this war”

Photo: Meg Myers – Numb [Official Video] YouTube

While your own perception of other people is your own private thing, it can often become one of the most powerful and controlling weapons that can incarcerate someone. Meg Myers shows us what it is to live based on the perceptions of others in her new video “Numb” where she’s wearing a perfect, monochromatic suit that seems to silence her true colors. “I’m in your custody / But I’m not a criminal, I can be your next big thing” chants Meg. Directed by Clara Aronavich, “Numb” is a personal and socio-political depiction of how society’s perception of what is right/wrong can become a toxic prison to our own identities:

“The song is about how I was feeling when my record company was looking for something out of me that just didn’t feel right for many reasons,” explained Meg. “I was frustrated and it came through in this song. I discovered that this feeling was something I’ve experienced my whole life and decided to look within and confront it. I wanted the video to make the viewer experience this uncomfortable feeling.”

“Numb” is from Meg Myers’ upcoming record Take Me To The Disco, which will be out on July 20. She has sold-out tour dates coming up:

6/11 – Riot Room (Kansas City, MO, USA)***SOLD OUT

6/12 – Subterranean (Chicago, IL, USA)***SOLD OUT

6/18 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY, USA)***SOLD OUT

6/25 – The Echo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)***SOLD OUT

8/11 – 91X Fest (San Diego, CA, USA)


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