Overjoyed’s “Downer” Is About The Social Taboo Of Being 100% Emotionally Honest

“Cry inside, but don’t let it show”

Photo: Courtesy of Blinding Recordings

If you are constantly eating up and swallowing your feelings with the phrase “I’m fine” or pizza, then Overjoyed’s “Downer” may be the wake-up song or simply a soothing one for you. If you enjoy moody but exhilarating rock such as Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks, Overjoyed is a fresh Swedish trio who build hook-heavy riffs and unfiltered lyrics that helps your diagnose your current emotional state. Stream below:

Produced by Erik Bjarmar (The Sun Days), “Downer” is from Overjoyed’s upcoming EP, which will be followed by a European tour in the fall. Stay tuned.