Frøkedal Admits Destroying Shit Feels Awesome In Her Single “Treehouse”


Photo: Julia Naglestad

“Fuck you all

The comics on the floor

The gun sling that you stole

When you wake up

To find your kingdom gone

It’s gonna hurt”

Chants Frøkedal in her new single “Treehouse” where she places us into the shoes of a badass 6-year-old who destroys his older brother’s treehouse. It’s not innocence that was so cool about childhood – it’s the carefree license to destroy random shit and not be judged as insane. Unlike the explosive and cathartic nature of the theme, “Treehouse” is actually a chill breezy tune where the strumming strings and Frøkedal’s crispy vocals walk you through the majestic downfall of a treehouse:

“‘Treehouse’ was inspired by a six year old kid who tore his older brother’s treehouse to pieces without knowing he was being watched,” singer/songwriter Anne Lise Frøkedal explained. “Even if it seems meaningless and silly, the joyful mischief of it feels strangely familiar. This idea – or this way of behaving – kind of translates to everyone at some point. Sometimes it just feels better to tear stuff up. Or maybe, tearing stuff down for others feels better than building up your own.”

The track is from Frøkedal’s upcoming album How We Made It, which will be out on August 31st via Propeller Recordings. She has a show tonight:

5/25 – Kampendagene (Oslo, Norway)