O-SHiN’s Debut EP ‘I / ∞’ Is Alt Pop Record Straight Outta Cabin

This is what you get from songfarming in the Swedish countryside

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Berlin-based artist O-SHiN has unveiled her debut EP I / , a five-track landscape of alternative pop that was built in the dreamy serenity of Swedish countryside. If you need to take a break from urban chaos or suburban monotony, I / offers an ethereal soundscape where the delicately arranged synths and rhythms take your mind away into the manmade-free corners of Swedish forests. Stream below:

For her EP, O-SHiN worked with five fellow musicians and producers in a cabin in the Swedish countryside where they collected and sampled sounds from nature that surrounded them (i.e. water, forests, etc.). “It was a big adventure for everyone involved” she shared. “The location was dreamlike and had so much more to give than expected – like the collection of crazy instruments I’ve never used before. The lake, the campfire, the calmness in nature and making music. There’s nothing more beautiful to me then recording music like that.”

O-SHiN will be announcing tour dates soon, so stay tuned.