SAVEUS’ Debut Album ‘Neuro’ Is Extraterrestrial Pop Madness

Record for apocalyptic parties and alien raves.

Photo: Samy Khabtani

Danish chart-topping artist SAVEUS is kicking off Friday (and Memorial Day weekend in America) by surprising us with the release of his debut album Neuro – a mad galactic pop beauty that taps into the different aspects of human condition using sci-fi metaphors and apocalyptic ambience. There is a cinematic suspense throughout Neuro that captures the gist of ‘digital soul’ – a term coined by SAVEUS himself. It’s hard to really categorize the record in one or two genres since it’s a glorious mutation of trip hop, pop, R&B, and soul. Check out “Greatness or Madness” below:

For more greatness, here’s the entire album:

Martin Hedegaard is the human mastermind behind SAVEUS. He will be opening the iconic Orange Staage at this year’s Roskilde Festival in July and has several shows/fests coming up. See him incarnate:

6/1 – Mølleparken (Sønderborg, Denmark)

7/4 – Roskilde Festival – Orange Stage @ 8pm (Roskilde, Denmark)

11/30 – Train (Aarhus, Denmark)

12/1 – Skåen | Nordkraft (Aalborg, Denmark)

12/6 – VEGA Musikkens Hus (Copenhagen, Denmark)

12/7 – Tobakken (Esbjerg, Denmark)

12/8 – Musikhuset Posten (Odense, Denmark)

12/13 – Gimle (Roskilde, Denmark)

12/14 – Portalen (Greve, Denmark)

12/15 – Paletten (Viborg, Denmark)


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