Florda Well Makes Psyche Pop Out Of The Fountain Of Youth

Meet the mysterious Montreal band

Photo: Florda Well Facebook

“High love, it’s the one you want, one you’ve dreamed / High love, it’s gonna trick yah, high love you get that” chants Florda Well in their debut single “High Love.” We don’t know much about Florda Well, but their single “High Love” is one psyche pop piece that delivers a funk-drenched ambience filled with groovy loops and echoing synths that capture the addictive nature of bad love. Stream below:

After intense Googling, we found out that Florda Well may be a trio comprised of two brothers and one brother from another mother. They seemed to have named themselves after the rumored fountain of youth that explorer Ponce de León sought during his 1513 expedition in Florida. Anyways, it’s not like Florda Well wants to be a ninja band – we seriously think they’re just too lazy to write their own bios. Otherwise, why would they play a show in person?

8/1 – Casa Del Popolo (Montreal, Canada)