Grace Turner Soundtracked Her Casual Convo With Her Friend In “Dead Or Alive”

Sometimes you just have to check in if your friend’s alive or not.

Photo: Courtesy of SUM Management

Aussie artist Grace Turner turns her casual intimate conversation with her friend into a meditative indie folk track “Dead Or Alive.” The strumming chords and fuzzy strings hook you into the undulating rhythmic dance where Grace bares both the vulnerability and casualness of a personal conversation with a friend that we can all relate. Finding comfort in connecting with someone while struggling with her own demons, “Dead Or Alive” is a therapeutic piece for all of us who wrestle with our own internal baggage. Stream below:

“The lyrics in the chorus are literally transcribed from our conversation. She called and said, ‘I didn’t know if you’d be dead or alive’. The whole song was written in about an hour after the phone call.” explained Grace.

“Dead Or Alive” is the follow up of Grace’s single “Angry,” which was released back in late 2017. Originally from Newcastle, Australia, Grace us becoming one of the fastest rising acts in the local folk rock scene. The gal will be releasing more music, so stay tuned.