Mavi Phoenix Chews Up Her Trolls With Her New Single “Bite”

Stop trolling

Photo: Kyle Weeks

Sometimes we envy the trolls…not because of their trolling ability, but the amount of free time they have in saturating comment sections, creating memes, and gifs. That’s a shitload of work. Austrian artist Mavi Phoenix gives a sweet middle finger to the trolls out there in her video “Bite” where she showcases her badassery and reminds us that we could be our own bosses instead of wasting time trolling. Mavi’s glass-cutting vocals pierce through the smashing beats as the gal lacerates her haters into shards at a breakneck speed. Created by Mavi and 18-year-old Viennese choreographer Chiara Daucher, “Bite” is one funky waltz into Mavi’s high-speed imagination:

“I’ve been doing music all my life and for the most part people have been supportive. But when I stepped on to a bigger audience and appeared on bigger platforms, I started being confronted with uglier and more personal criticism” explained Mavi. “Maybe such ‘big’ opinions and jealousy are just part of our digital culture nowadays, and of course part of this business. I won’t stop or change, nobody should. While these ‘snakes bite me daily’ I’m concentrating on creating what I think is good music and empower my fans with the positive energy I feel on this track.”

Mavi is currently performing at multiple festivals across Europe, so go see her in person:

5/30 – Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain)

6/1 – Rock am Ring (Nürburg, Germany)

6/2 – Rock im Park (Nürnberg, Germany)

6/8 – Primavera Sound (Porto, Portugal)

6/9 – Radar Festival (Milano, Italy)

6/29 – Kosmonaut Festival (Chemnitz, Germany)

7/7 – Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark)

7/13 – Melt Festival (Gräfenhainchen, Germany)

7/27 – Juicy Beats Festival (Dortmund, Germany)

8/2 – 29 Szene Openair (Alter Rhein Lustenau)

8/17-19 – MS Dockville (Hamburg, Germany)