ZAYAS Injects Us With 80s Synthpop Vibes With “Runaway”

“Maybe I don’t want to be free”

Photo: ZAYAS Instagram

We don’t know who ZAYAS is except that he’s originally in Puerto Rico, but is now based in LA and doesn’t think the city’s traffic is as bad as we complain about – it’s alright. Everyone has the right to have their opinions with the exception of those who suffered driving from East LA to Santa Monica during their unpaid internship days and had 30 nervous breakdowns while being stuck in the I10 for two hours. Anyways, ZAYAS is one rising artist that you should keep in your mellow and groovy synthpop list. To put in his words, his single “Runaway” is “an 80’s-inspired synth-pop dreamscape” where the chest-swelling synths and arrhythmic twists make it an unexpected ethereal trip:

“Runaway” was independently released on March 31st. You can find ZAYAS on Twitter and Instagram.