Magique’s “Unexpected Friends” Is Bluegasmic Tribute To Friendzone

Beauty of friendzone

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Awash with neon blue lights, UK artist Magique captures the sparkling mojo of friendship in his new soulful pop video “Unexpected Friends” where we see him musing over the beauty of human bond. The entire video feels like an introverted dream where you get to see Magique become part of the ethereal blue aura. Watch below:

“I started Magique as an outlet for trying to explain myself in a better way. I’ve always sucked at being open and visceral with my words, and have a tendency to be quite insular when it comes to emotions,” shared Magique. “I’ve always had a love for bands and artists who are openly honest in their songwriting and leave it all in a record or a performance,” he says. “It’s easy not to take risks in such a disposable age.”

The track is from Magique’s upcoming EP, which is currently in the works. He has a festival coming up:

7/20 – Truck Festival (Oxford, UK)