Crooked Teeth Breaks Downs 90’s Pseudo Utopia In “American Dream”

Oh, the disillusionment that every 90s child can relate

Photo: Lost In The Manor PR

Every 90s offspring can relate to the fake utopian ideals of Western ‘success’ that the media and baby boomers have brainwashed us. Nowadays, we see these ideals melt into a giant hot mess and often find ourselves in a new childlike state where we are trying figure out our beliefs again. UK trio Crooked Teeth captures that reflective state with their new blood-rushing single “American Dream.” Built on a hybrid of ambient production and swelling synths, “American Dream” is a realistic portrayal of the anger and disillusionment we experience as adults in today’s current political climate. Stream below:

“Growing up in the Nineties, we were spoon fed this prophecy of a Western utopia of wealth and uniformity. This song is just a reaction to that mirage and is driven by the effect that thousands of events like Oklahoma and Columbine have had on us.” shared Crooked Teeth’s Rob.

Formed three years ago in Glasgow, Crooked Teeth has been known for making club-savvy noise pop. They currently plated at the Great Escape Festival and have another show coming up in London:

6/29 – The Finsbury, Manor House (London, UK)