Gilligan Moss Shows Us What Happens When A Vampire Steps Into The Club In “Want U So Bad”

“Cuz I want you so bad / I can’t relax”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

The answer is Buffy pops out, slays the vampire, and party’s over. Just kidding. If you don’t know who Buffy is, then you were born in the wrong era. NYC-based duo Gilligan Moss takes us into a Tarantino-esque world of vampires where we see people falling under the spellbinding aura of an icily gorgeous bloodsucker:

“When we were thinking about a video for this song, we wanted to do something that involved dance and didn’t take itself too seriously. Rianne came to us with the brilliant idea of a Tarantino-y, B movie vampire video, which perfectly fits the campy, playful tone of the song. As the vampire enters the club, each of her victims falls under the infectious spell of the song–something we hope happens to you when you watch this video!” the duo shared.

“Want U So Bad” is from Gilligan Moss’ upcoming EP What Happened?, which will be out on August 24. The duo has shows coming up:

10/5 – Velvet Underground (Toronto, Canada)

10/6 – Velvet Underground (Toronto, Canada)

10/7 – Brighton Music Hall (Boston, MA, USA)

10/10 – BK Steel (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

10/11 – U Street Music Hall (DC, WA, USA)

10/13-14 – Treasure Island Music Festival (Oakland, CA, USA)