Conquer The Art Of Rooftop Dancing With Filo Vals’ New Video “Dance”

Heightened jazz pop

Photo: Courtesy of Sonnet Music

Italian artist Filo Vals takes dancing to a higher level in his new video “Dance” where we see him do his guitar mojo on the rooftop while his army of choreographers dance behind him. The track is a cocktail of pop and rock with a touch of jazz that triggers the image of an open-air dancefloor. Despite its bombastic elements, there is a laidback charm to the melody that works as a testament for Filo’s mission to make you chill. Watch below:

“This song is about not taking yourself too seriously. Just dance and be free. Life and day-to-day stress in 2018 can be difficult to see past, so it’s massively important to take a step back and forget what other people think. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself!” shared Filo.

Filo Vals broke into the scene back in April 2017 with his first single “Mr World,” which landed on Spotify Viral charts across a number of countries. In case you’ve been stranded in a desert island this past year, here’s “Mr World”:

Filo currently resides in the UK.