Akine Sheds Light To The Apathetic Nature Of Blind Faith In “Pray For The Prey”

“I don’t believe in god / Nor his angels / Nor his disciples”

Photo: Akine Facebook

Ukrainian artist Akine captures the devastating nature of blind faith in her politically-charged single “Pray For The Prey.” The 17-year-old artist originally wrote the song when she was 13 during the Maidan protests and the war that left many families displaced. The video is a hazy, 80s-inspired cinematography that shows clips of cathedrals and religious elements that people often cling to when they can’t face the reality:

“‘Pray for the Prey’ came about at a time when my country was going through crisis with the Maidan protests and subsequent war. People in Ukraine tend to turn to religion and prayer when dealing with the unfortunate state of poverty and corruption rather than seeking concrete solutions. It was painful to see the country I love falling apart and my family suffering as a consequence. This song captures what I felt at that moment in time.” shared Akine.

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