Jack River Is Caught Between Sugar & Lust In “Limo Song”

Sugar + Lust = Brainfck

Photo: Jack River – Limo Song YouTube

Australian artist Jack River is bringing together the two most catastrophic addictions for our brain in her new video “Limo Song”: sugar and love. We see the gal working at a dessert shop where lust is in the air along with pastel surrealism. Using Western-inspired strums and psychedelic pop, Jack River captures the bittersweet nature of sugar and love – both give you an immeasurable rush, but once it’s gone you experience the devastating crash from it:

In regards to the song, Jack River described it as “that melancholic dream world where you’re looking back and looking forwards all at once.”

“Limo Song” is from the gal’s new album Sugar Mountain, which will be out on June 22 via Hopeless Utopian. She has show dates coming up:

9/13 – Adelaide Uni Bar (Adelaide, Australia)

9/14 – Corner Hotel (Melbourne, Australia)

9/21 – Rosemount (Perth, Australia)

9/26 – The Cambridge (Newcastle, Australia)

9/28 – The Metro (Sydney, Australia)

9/29 – Triffid (Brisbane, Australia)