GUM Makes Intense Eye Contact & Embraces The Majestic Nature In His New Video “Couldn’t See Past My Ego”

It’s serious

Photo: GUM – Couldn’t See Past My Ego (Official Music Video) YouTube

Interpret it as you want, but honestly GUM’s new video “Couldn’t See Past My Ego” is just Jay Watson giving you intense stares while introducing you to the flora of West Coast North Island. His stares are jokingly serious yet the whole video is a lighthearted one that simply captures the simplicity of nature and the pure enjoyment of freestyling. Watch below:

“Shot on the West Coast North Island of New Zealand using 35mm Fuji Film. The concept never really came to us, we started filming because Jay only had a small window and the sun was setting, this is what happened. After we finished shooting we all had a sauna and knew we had filmed something special.” explained Director Sam Kristofski.

The track is from GUM’s fourth LP The Underdog, which you can stream below:

Jay Watson is currently touring with Pond.