Just Loud Questions Love, Loneliness, & Ghosting In His New Single “Ghost”

“What if we were ghost / Would you know my name”

Photo: Erez Avissar

Rising artist Just Loud marches us through the most vulnerable points of the human condition in his new single “Ghost” – yes, it’s about love and loneliness. Somewhere in between is the hurtful act of ghosting, which has become an unfortunate habit of the Texting Era. “Ghost” is an immediate ear-stopper. With stomping beats and colossal choruses, “Ghost” is an invigorating soundscape where Just Loud shows his vocal mojo:

“The first line is ‘I talk too much or not at all,’ and that’s me, 100%”, explains Just Loud. “I’m very shy and outspoken — a full Gemini — and that balance is hard when it comes to being in a relationship with someone. Can you handle all of me? Would you go ghost on me once you found out who I am?” shared Just Loud.

“Ghost” is from Just Loud’s debut EP, Episode 1, which will be out on June 15th via Five Seven Music.