Litche’s EP Is For The Solitary Spirits Out There

For your inner hermit

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Australian artist Litche has finally released his self-titled debut EP and it’s the type of record that you would listen during the cozy, private hours of me-time to really analyze your thoughts. Using samples from particular textures and elements, Litche evokes a spatial presence made of noise within the listener’s imagination. Stream below:

“Making this EP was both a solitary and collaborative experience. I’m really drawn to both aspects of the creative process. All of theses songs were inspired by either a texture, or a field recording. I really like to use samples with imperfection because they add a human and tangible element to a song. It helps me to connect to an idea as it starts to form because I feel I can connect with something that feels real and relatable.”

Despite the comfort of solitary songsmithing, Litche also managed to work with Woodes for “Voyage” and Nrthn for “Winter,” adding siren-like vocals to his sonic canvass. Litche is out now everywhere via La Belle Musique.