The New Fever’s “The Beautiful Game” Is An Ode To Football

Or soccer

In honor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018, Danish duo The New Fever is bringing the football spirit to a dreamier level with their latest lo-fi pop single “The Beautiful Game.” Drenched in the laidback warmth of summer mood, the track is built on aerated synths and fuzzy layers where the organ-driven tune mellows you out to indulge in the pure joy and unity of football. Stream below:

“We had to make a World Cup song since we love the beautiful game – the best sport on the planet! It’s a crispy pop-tune dedicated to what football represents, the strong, out bursting emotions and pure joy. It’s both about standing on the field as a player and being among the audience, feeling the rush and excitement of being united as human beings.” shared the duo.

“The Beautiful Game” is out now via the duo’s own label, Skyggen. Comprised of Michael and Esben, The New Fever are cyber ninjas when it comes to social media, but you can find them on Facebook.