32Stitches’ “Fallout” Is For Dog Lovers Out There

Canine-inspired future bass

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Forget overused love songs pining for humans – instead, let’s party with 32Stitches’ new single “Fallout” that is dedicated to his furry partner in crime: his dog. With grand-sized beats and emotional pauses, 32Stitches captures the unbreakable bond he shares with his homie. It has an energetic aura to it that is as contagious as wanting to play fetch with your favorite canine. Stream below:

“This track’s story is shown as the relationship between myself and my dog and how we have been there for each other through thick and thin.” shared 32Stitches.

Originally from Mumbai, 32Stitches has been making waves across international EDM scene. When he is not making eargasmic ballads, he is playing with his dog.