Meet Indie Pop Sibling Duo: Chloe Olivia

Listen to debut single “Gilded”

Photo: Mallory Wimmer

Oklahoma native duo Chloe Olivia is one sibling and singer/songwriter power duo that you should keep under your radar – especially if you like artists such as Lykke Li and Florence and the Machine. Their debut single “Gilded” has a dark rawness to it that is altogether gorgeous and gut-wrenching. “Gilded” is the type of song that feels like an emotional balloon – it gets bigger and bigger as you listen with the promise of a cathartic explosion about to happen. Stream below:

“‘Gilded’ felt like a fossil to us. It already existed and we just had to uncover it. The song explores human nature, and how we often seek to gild our lives in order to appear golden to others. We live in an age where it is easy to create a façade for others to see. This song, in a way, seeks to expose that and encourage authenticity.” shared Chloe Olivia.

Both sisters started writing songs around ages 11 and 13, which they described it as an “anchor during tender years of middle and high school.” The duo started uploading simple songs on YouTube, which has evolved into a full-length album, which will be out this fall 2018. The sisters will be releasing more singles this summer so be on the lookout.