Saltwater Sun’s “Hot Mess” Is For All Of Us Who Are Just Lost Causes

Edgy & raw picture of your own hopeless self

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

If your life somehow resembles that baby (no pants with zero coordination), then it’s too late to restart your life. You fall under the eye-rolling category of hopeless human beings who often wear your clothes backwards (that is, if you choose to wear any) and haven’t washed your car in ages. Anyways, enjoy the beautiful haute mess you are with Saltwater Sun’s “Hot Mess,” a sun-drenched fizzling piece that has the mesh-like sonic structure of shoegaze and the edginess of garage rock:

Comprised of Jen Stearnes (vocals), Joel Neale (guitar), Dan Kingham (guitar), Rob Carter (bass) and Ben Chandler (drums), Saltwater Sun has been attracting media attention and radio stations earlier this year with their previous single “The Wire.” The UK quintet will start touring this fall, so make sure to check them out:

9/13 – Heartbreakers (Southampton, UK)

9/14 – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar (Brighton, UK)

9/20 – Purple Turtle (Reading, UK)

9/22 – EBGBs (Liverpool, UK)

9/27 – Sebright Arms (London, UK)