KYLYPSO’s “Honestly” Is For The Overachievers Of Doing Nothing

Honestly though, doing nothing can be hard…

Photo: Courtesy of KYLPSO

London’s psyche rock trio KYLYPSO frames the art of doing nothing into a positive winning situation in their new single “Honestly” – a jangly ballad that is built on a whirlwind of electropical elements and funk-infused rock. It’s a chill kaleidoscopic track where the multi-layered choruses and stomping rhythm take you to a bouncy waltz. Stream below:

“We wanted to have fun with the idea of achieving something by doing nothing. We usually open our live set with this song and feel it’s got a double edge of fun, light hearted groove, against deeper, more epic melodies.” hared the KYLYPSO.

“Honestly” is the follow up of their latest single “Deep Blue.” The trio has been building momentum internationally with their latest works that showcase an eccentric blend of psyche pop and bizarre madness. Be on the lookout for more beats from the trio this year.