FTRZ Soaks The Sun & Embraces Sobriety In “Models”


Photo: Courtesy of Earshot Media

LA-based duo FTRZ shares their own struggle with substance abuse and recovery in their new pop single “Models.” Drenched with Californian warmth, “Models” is an optimistic track where FTRZ admit their fuck ups and the make ups that followed. Substance abuse aside, “Models” is a track that taps into the nature of addiction that we all wrestle on a daily basis. The rapping choruses and guitar-fueled melody yield a breezy soundscape that makes it the track to chill under the sun:

“Models is about the journey through our past of substance abuse that lead us to be the better people we are today. How the wrong path can lead you to the right path if you make a change.‎”‎ shared FTRZ’s Chet Hanks.

“Models” is from the duo’s upcoming EP The Ocean Park, which will be out on August 24. Comprised of Chet and Drew Arthur, FTRZ formed in 2016 when the duo met coincidentally through a mutual friend and connected over their love of music and shared sobriety. Aside from music, Chet is currently co-tarring on Empire (Blake) and Shameless. Drew has been playing in bands since he was a teen and has opened up for 30 Seconds to Mars, Angels and Airwaves, and My Chemical Romance.